Thursday, June 25, 2015

Affiliate marketing opportunity. Huge commission. Open to all nation.

Dear all,

I would like to inform you all that, I would be publishing three books that would hit the market shortly. All of my books are on business:

1.       100 business ideas
2.       50 business ideas for women
3.       How make money on the Internet

The purpose of writing to all you is to develop affiliate-marketing channel. It means I am offering affiliate marketer. Healthy commission which is more than any other eCommerce company.

At present, I have just three books. Near future I am planning to publish 100 (hundred) more books. All books are on small business ideas. If any of you want to be my affiliate, please let me know. I will provide training to all my affiliate for free.

Who am I?

My name is Manish Ray from Bangalore, India a digital marketing trainer, blogger, and small business consultant.

My sites are:

Check my profile

Monday, March 3, 2014

Small Business Training Programs & Entrepreneur Training-India

Hi all,

We have a good news for all aspiring small business owner and entrepreneurs.
Canny Turtle and SEO Training Point bring complete business training for small business and start up.

We will train, mentor and provide End to End solution for your business.

This complete package will cover:

  • Business strategy and plan
  • Marketing plan for two year 
  • Internet marketing training (you will learn 30 types of online marketing)
  • Traditional marketing
  • Business expansion plan
  • Communication skill
  • Personality development skill
  • Will give complete Marketing Kit
We will build ready to work website. It means we will create:
  • Your company logo
  • domain registration  
  • Web hosting
Our package will also cover:
  • Content writing (original writing)
  • Local SEO
  • Blog writing
  • Article writing
  • You will avail SEO packages of 5 keywords
  • Social media marketing Facebook and Google plus
  • One video upload and optimization (YouTube)  
  • Free Email marketing for three month, you will have to  provide database. Or else we will buy for you
Pls take a look of our Small business options:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Article marketing
  • Beauty parlor (complete beauty solution)
  • Business consultant
  • Business mentoring center
  • Cell phone servicing center
  • Coaching center
  • Computer and laptop servicing center
  • Computer institute
  • Content writing services
  • Cooking class
  • Cooking/food websites
  • Desk Top Publishing (DTP) business
  • E-book aka D-commerce
  • Foreign study consultant
  • Graphic designing and marketing communication
  • Grocery items on wheels
  • Health and fitness website
  • Information sharing (be an infopreneur)
  • Internet marketing company
  • Local classified paper
  • Local info center
  • Mini shopping mall
  • Online garment store
  • PTC moneymaking site
  • Rural BPO/call center
  • Rural business exhibitor
  • Rural business consultant 
  • SEO company
  • SEO training institute
  • Tailoring business
  • Terracotta jewelry
  • Training center
  • Travel and tour
  • T-shirt business
  • TV repairing center
  • Web designing company
  • Writing services
  • Visa immigration

Pls take a look to our options and let us know your interest. If none of this business matches your business idea, still you will be glad to help you. Just let us know your business idea, we will work together and make it success.

This small business training programs are also available to the citizen of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. If you want to be our business partner, pls write to us

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Need academic and research writers

Canny Turtle needs freelance, home based academic writers.

Basically a writes has to write on:

MBA books and journals:
  •  Business communication
  •  Operation management
  • Qualitative and quantities analysis
  • Human Resource Management
  • Micro Economics
  • Operations Management
  • Costing for Management
  • Working capital management
  • Sales distribution management
  • And all topics of MBA

Also we need writers, who can writes on case studies, white paper, research paper, scientific journal. All these works are aligned to college and university level. Only experienced writers can apply for this kind of work.

Pls send your samples and pricing to

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Freelance designer, developer, content writer needed for Bangalore based outsourcing company

Dear professionals,

We are Bangalore based organization looking for freelance professional on following domains:

Content writer
  • Web content
  • Article
  • Blog
  • Press release
  • Sales page
  • Affiliate marketing copy writing
  • Company profile
  • IT website content
  • Industry specific content writing 

SEO analyst
  • On page and off page optimization, 301 redirect, rel=canonical, and other relevant stuff

Graphic designer
  • Huge opportunities

Mobile application
  • iOS, Android, Windows Phone & Windows 8
  • Should be proficient in Titanium, PhoneGap and Icenium

Web designer
  • Affiliate marketing website
  • Dynamic website
  • Landing page
  • Micro site
  • Responsive website
  • Squeeze page

Hard core developer
  • Php/mysql
  • Asp .net
  • Core Java
  • Spring MVC or Struts

Video presentation
  • Company profile
  • Product info
  • Video walk thorough for real estate companies and builders 

Web developer/programmer (shopping cart)
  • Magento
  • Opencart
  • Prestashop
  • Shopify
  • WordPress
  • Zencart
To be partner with us, professional should have at least 2 to 3 yrs of experience in their respective domain. We do not any fee or something like that. We need some of your work sample. At least we expect 2 to 3 work of yours. There are always openings for you guys. Some of our projects are short-term and some of them are long term. We need some full time professionals mainly for web developer and mobile apps.

Put it simple, we need:

  • 2 to 3 yrs of exp
  • 2 to 3 work sample
  • Your price (hourly or project wise)
Interested? Pls mail me your details at or

Good luck

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How to make money with affiliate marketing


There are over 20 odd ways to earn money online, and if you are planning to pick one of them, then I would suggest you guys go for affiliate marketing, because this is most easy way to make money. However, you need to promote your site/blog and your product in different methods. In this blog, I will give an overview about affiliate marketing.

Understanding affiliate marketing

Selling others product in your site/blog and get commission for that. What to sell and how to sell, there are many questions will pop up. In order to find those answers, you will have to do a research. Here are those points:

  • Which product should I choose and why
  • Which niche should I select 
  • Why visitors would buy from my site/blog
  • Should I create a website or blog
  • What to write in my site/blog
  • How do I know my visitors would love my writing
  • How people reach my site/blog
Another set of questions:
  • Should I have PAN card
  • Is it necessary to have paypal or any alternative
  • Who are best affiliate companies
  • Do they accept Indian
  • What if my account gets blocked/suspended
  • What is the earning opportunity (how much can I earn) 
  1. Have PAN card, paypal account, bank account
  2. Create website or blog
  3. Choose your niche (specific interest for specific community)
  4. Write quality content 
  5. Choose affiliate company
  6. Select contextual product
  7. Add link and banner
  8. If some body buys from your link you get paid
  • SEO is must
  • Do keyword research 
  • Write SEO compliance content
  • Make sure your site is indexed
  • Never put affiliate link straight away
  • Use Facebook and twitter
  • Write product review
  • Blog (200 to 300 words)
  • Write article

How much can you earn?

Making money through affiliate marketing is simple and you can earn healthy. You cannot earn in a day or so. It takes time. You should use some special techniques to get more targeted visitors. More visitors give better chance to earn money. Choosing right product is another factor. See the commission rate. With experience, you will learn how to take a call on affiliate network and products. Keep on writing about your favorite topics and post them time to time at least three blog in a week. 

Here are some of the points I have highlighted. To be a successful and perfect affiliate marketer you need to read books and article.

Here I am recommending one of the best books on affiliate marketing, where you can learn many useful tips and techniques.

About this book

Paperback: 484 pages
Language: English
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars 

Here are the overall reviews from readers:
  • Easy to follow and jargon free
  • A complete step by step guide
  • An honest guide to how hard it actually is to make money online
  • Great advice on how to structure your website for maximum SEO power
  • Emphasizes internal SEO and brand building rather than link building
  • Contains action plans to keep you on track

Friday, August 23, 2013

Small business ideas for small town and rural areas in India


There was time when rural people were far behind from the city people. They lack confidence, skill, education, and many others facilitates. Due to lack of knowledge they often get cheated by city people mainly in business dealing. Coz they do not have enough information. But ever since Internet has penetrated rural area the scenario has been changed dramatically.

Now people are more confident and informative. They know everything what urban people know. But it is true that they lack guidance. Anyway this is not my point to discuss. In this blog I am going to give a list of business ideas for rural people of India. In this list you will find some new business ideas for rural areas and small towns of India.  

If you own or start any of this business, you will grow yourself, make handsome money, and at the same time help your people. Business is not about making money, but to help other people to fulfill their requirement. Let’s say, someone is looking for foreign education. How can he/she get the info? If you open a foreign education consulting firm, they can get all the info.

Another example, in rural area people make hand craft stuff, terracotta items like jewelry, flower base etc. They want to sell them. How could you help them? We have many ways to promote their products. By organizing exhibition, you can help them. Now internet has come. Make an online shopping cart and sell them. You can reach worldwide. Think for a while, if any foreign country likes their products, what would happen?

So in this business list you will find some new business ideas for rural India. This is just a list. I will try to give detail info in my next blog.

Here is the list:

  1. Agriculture business
  2. Bakery shop
  3. Beauty parlor- say it beauty salon (complete beauty solution)
  4. Business consultant
  5. Business mentoring center
  6. Cell phone servicing center
  7. Coaching center
  8. Computer and laptop servicing center
  9. Computer institute
  10. Desk Top Publishing (DTP) business
  11. Dry clean shop
  12. Electronic shop
  13. Fashion shop
  14. Fishery farming
  15. Foreign study consultant
  16. Grocery items on wheels
  17. Internet cafe
  18.  Information sharing (be an infopreneur)
  19. Local classified paper
  20. Local info center
  21. Mini shopping mall
  22. Mushroom farming (cultivation)
  23. Poultry farming
  24. Rural BPO/call center
  25. Rural business exhibitor
  26. Self Help Group (SHG)
  27. Tailoring business
  28. Training center
  29. Travel and tour
  30. TV repairing center
  31. Web designing services
  32. Writing services
So, own a rural business and make your world shining. Any help/suggestion, write to me.

Good luck!

Monday, August 19, 2013

10 home based small business ideas for women in India


Are you homemaker/housewife looking for home based business? Here are the ideas and opportunities. In this post I would recommend top 10 home based small business that will fetch good amount of money and self satisfaction as well.

Since blog is short and snappy, I would try to explain briefly and later I would you explain each of them in detail. Okay! Let us begin.

My first question to all housewives why you should choose home based business? To answer this I would say, there are many reasons some of them are:

  • My husband does not want me to work outside
  • My family does not allow me
  • I am well educated and want to start home based business, but need ideas and support
  • I have a small kid, so doing job outside is not feasible
  • I do not to work under anybody
  • Some working ladies say it’s enough I cannot work anymore. I should own something on my won
  • Some say hey! Too much of workload
  • My husband is working hard. I need to support him
  • Recession, layoff, uncertain future, no career growth

There are other answers to this like be your own boss, fire your boss, no 9 to 5 work, no target etc. I guess all of these points are true. Now discuss how to choose right business.

There are many home based businesses available in India, but most of the people consider this as a part time job. They think spending two hrs a day will earn money. But the fact is that you cannot earn healthy amount just by spending couple of hours. Many companies and agencies offer part time job like data entry, copy paste job, paper work, and something like this. Most of the part time jobs are fake. You would read in newspaper and internet: earn thousand in paper work or make 20000 in a month by copy-paste work. 
Here I am listing top 10 home based businesses for Indian housewife that you can think of. Pls look at the list:

1. Article marketing: If you are good at English and love writing, you can make thousand of rupees. Many companies look for home based writers.

2. Affiliate marketing: Want to make money from Internet? Learn affiliate marketing. Sell other products in your website or blog. Be little wise. Do not put company’s products straight away. People need info and then look for products. So analyze and plan.
3. Home based Search Engine Optimization (SEO consultant): SEO is the most buzz word and money generating business in online business. Every company tries to sell their product/service online. But most of them do not practice due to lack of knowledge or time. SEO helps in ranking in search engine like Google. Huge huge profit. I mean you can earn in lakhs. 

4. Start your ebook business: You can start your online ebook company. Let’s say you love pet caring or anything you like art and craft, or kitty party organizer. Many people look for this kind of service. Write a book on this and sell them in ebay, Amazon, Facebook etc. You do not need to be a writer. People are there to help you out.

5. Online training company: If you love teaching and training why do not to get into online business. Build your site; put all the necessary info on your site, show couple of demo classes. It could be any topic. So plan it out.

6. Start your home based catering business: It’s a yummy business. Tell me who do not like food. Everybody loves food. There are already catering business around. But this catering business is little different. Start this business within your community, society, or friend circle. Coz you know them. If you ask them, I would like to start catering business, they will love to taste your food. Nobody will say no, we do not need your food. Once they like your food, you got them on your side. Many people love home cooked food. So start soon. It’s festival time. There are dozen festivals in between Aug to Jan. 

7. Start your cooking class both classroom and online: Do you love cooking. Why not start your cooking class. It’s a very lucrative and multi stream income business.

8. Start paying guest business: Another lucrative business. You hardly need any special skill and knowledge for this. If you live in metro or cities, I would recommend this business. I am from Bangalore; I have seen how housewives make money out of this. Hire a 3BHK and make it furnished. I mean get bed, study table, and provide them food. That’s it. Charge 4000 to 5000 per bed. Good profit.

9. T-shirt business: Believe me, it’s a roaring business. You can make 50 to 60 percent profit from each t-shirt and added to this you can sell your t-shirt online. You need plain t-shirt, design art, t-shirt transfer paper, heat press t-shirt machine, and printer. 

10. Start your snacks and namkeen (mixture) business. People love hygienic food. You may consider baked items, cookies, masala peanuts, sev, even laddoos and many such goodies.
Hope you like my post. 

I am an Internet marketing trainer, mentor and small business consultant. If you are planning to start any of this business that listed on this post, pls let me know. I would love to assist you.

If you have any other home based ideas, that you wish to start, you can always reach me out.



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