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How to start horticulture business in India. Profitable horticulture business

Do you want to start horticulture business in India. Here are some points to consider.

Horticulture is the art and science of plant cultivation that includes the process of planting tubers, seeds or cuttings.So, if you are planning to start a horticulture business, these are what you need to know about how you would go about it.

Horticulture in India is managed by the National Horticulture Board (NHB) that was set up by the Govt. Of India in 1984 as an autonomous society under the Societies Registration Act 1860.Their website is - http://nhb.gov.in/.Horticulture, in a way, is sort of gardening, but on a smaller scale.

Important aspects related to this business

Starting a horticulture business might seem tough initially, but if you are passionate enough, then you may consider the following:

  • The first step would be the planning stage as is applicable for any sort of business.
  • A good business plan will always include an overview of the financial and operational aspects.
  • Are you having exposure in horticulture or do you have any degree in horticulture or not
  • Whether you are having the required funds or not? To get an idea, consider attending seminars, symposia concerning horticulture and forums.

The internet would be the most reliable and economic resource for research on the basics of horticulture.This apart, books and magazines can also help. As part of the above step, go for an in-depth study of the techniques and procedures involved in horticulture like the correct pesticide as per seedlings, flowers, plants, vegetables, trees, etc.

Try to figure out the successful way(s) of suppressing weeds without the use of herbicides, produce picture perfect crops, propagate plants through grafting since it requires the crucial sets of skills like the compatibility of species and timing.

  • Proper pruning technique is also important since it enhances the beauty of all the shrubs, trees and landscapes.
  • Get an idea about the right time to plant the various types of crops is and when to harvest them.
  • You can consider growing orchids since a lot of people love it. For this, you got to be familiar with the do's and don'ts of growing orchids.
  • Use of machinery (owned) to get the work done quickly rather than a manual approach is a great option to have.
  • Try to get included in horticultural societies so that you get valuable advice from the members.
  • Update yourself with the latest research and techniques regarding the crucial subject of climate change.
  • Consulting a feng shui expert is also a good idea as they can give good advice and guidance.

Now, let us take a look on the subsidy offered for horticulture in India:

Horticulture subsidy in open field:

  • The NHB provides subsidy for horticulture development (commercial) in open field conditions like plantation, irrigation, precision farming, GAP, fertilization, etc.
  • The SHM provides credit linked back ended subsidy for 40% of project cost but limited to Thirty lakhs per project in general area and for 50% project cost but limited to Thirty seven lakhs and fifty thousand per project in scheduled,NE and hilly areas.

Horticulture subsidy in protected cover:

The scheme assists commercial horticulture in protected cover @ Rs.112 lakhs per project covering an area that exceeds 2,500 sq. mts.

Subsidy for Post Harvest Management Project(s):

This scheme provides subsidy for 35% of the cost but limited to Fifty lakhs seventy five thousand per project in general areas and for 50% of the cost but limited to Seventy two lakhs fifty thousand per project in hilly, NE and scheduled areas.

In India, horticulture is one of the main agricultural practices. There exist a lot of business opportunities in this sector.

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How to start your own T shirt business. Start your won t-shirt business in India. Make at least 30 percent profit.

Start your t shirt business

T-shirt is a casual item which is widely accepted and worn by men and women all over the globe. While some enjoy wearing plain t shirts, others can like        t-shirts with some quotations or some print on it. Nowadays, t shirts with inspirational messages and photos are also quite popular among the youth. If you have the imagination to come up with unique designs and quotes, then you can start your won t shirt business. This business can be started from home with very little investment. And once your venture proves to be successful then you can earn a big name in this market.

To start a t shirt business you need to chalk out a proper business plan. The following guidelines will help you in starting your own business from home.

Registration and licensing required

To start any business whether from home or outside on a large scale, you will need to obtain a business license. For this you can contact your respective local clerk office. Even the department of license in your area can provide you with a business license and help you with all other necessary legal formalities.
Apart from a business license no other special licensing is required for any business to be started from home.

Training or education required
To start a t-shirt business from home you don’t need any kind of training or education as such. All you need to know is how to market your brand. You need to arrange for suppliers and contact retailers who would be ready to stock your supplies.

In case of designing you may need to obtain a formal designing degree.  Otherwise it is not mandatory.

Investment and profitability

To start this kind of a business you don’t need much investment. You need to find a vendor first who will supply plain t shirts to you at affordable and cheap rates. Then you need to get in touch with a printing firm who can print messages and designs on your blank t shirts. All these cost would add to your cost of production.

Then you can start selling your t shirts by displaying it in fairs and fleas, or by supplying it to retailers of popular stores. You can also sell them online to gain more brand popularity.

The profits in the beginning may be less to just cover the costs, but once your brand is popular among the customers then you can start earning huge profits.
Loan availability

For investment purpose, loans are easily available nowadays. Many nationalized banks offer business loan. Recently MUDRA bank is offering loan to start business. And some other bank as well.

[Disclaimer note: This site will not be responsible if in any case these banks stop providing business loans in future].

Things and equipment needed

If you are outsourcing the printing of your t shirts then you don’t really need any such major equipment for this business. All you need is office furniture mainly and packaging equipment to pack your t shirts and supply it to sellers.

Resources needed
This business requires a lot of networking and resources. Starting from vendors to printing factories to packaging department, you need to maintain connections with all at each stage. And aprt from this you also designers to come up with unique designs and prints.

If you wish to start wholesale t-shirt business or your own brand t shirt, we will help you. 

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How to start a courier business (courier service) in india

How to come up with a courier service setup

 How to come up with a courier service setup.

A courier business is one that involves moving packages from one location to another for a certain cost.Establishing a courier business can be a lucrative opportunity provided you have the ability to overlook and take into account logistics and practical considerations.Discussed below are a few ideas to start a successful courier business:

Come up with a comprehensive business plan. The plan must include the specific guidelines specifically focusing on the financial management details. These can be availed from the Small Business Association or the Business Centre Association.

Advice and Help:

A business attorney or consultant who is familiar with the courier service industry would be the best person to advise on matters such as the local zoning laws in case you have plans to run the business from your own home. Here, you need to obtain the necessary business permits, license the vehicle and the business and start discussing the pros and cons of the startup.

You will also need to consult an accountant familiar with the courier business industry so that you can get specific advice on how to file tax(es), maintain the business records, pros and cons of independent contractors vs. in house employees and setting up of a proper accounting system.

You will have to consult an insurance professional familiar with the courier service as well, to guide you in obtaining the proper insurance that would cover the office, cargo, vehicles, staff health and compensation, etc.

You need to establish communication system between you, the drivers and the customers keeping in mind the fact that it is against the law to drive and speak on a cell phone in many of the areas.

You must also do the necessary to come up with a fair pricing policy in an easy to read format.  Sufficient copies of the same must be available for ready reference.


You must be ready with street map for the area that you wish to cover. Some of the maps are also available in book form and can be easily obtained from most book stores.

 No matter how technologically advanced you might be with GPS and stuff, the maps are invaluable. They help to save you a lot of trouble, especially if the GPS malfunctions.

Marketing and Promotion:

You can go for t-shirts and baseball caps with the company name or logo or both printed on it. This would help to give a more professional appearance.Go for a corporate colour and use it on every conceivable piece of equipment throughout. This could include personalized pens, notebooks, clipboards, etc. And, as the business grows, on the vehicles too.


Make sure you have a computer dedicated to business use only along with a good accounting system.


You must ensure that you never run out of printed materials like invoices, business cards, log sheets, price list, etc. Here, the log sheets should have the format that allow monitoring pickup and delivery(ies). It should also allow keeping a track of the mileage.


You must ensure a regular checkup of the vehicle. If needed, go for a thorough overhaul. A sudden break down as soon as you start work is the last thing you would want.

 Also, consider having a backup vehicle as an alternate option.

Fancy things:

You can consider going for magnetic signs for the vehicle


Keep a close track of the business mileage vis-a-vis the personal mileage. Please note that mileage for personal matters is not tax exempt.If you have plans to deliver interstate, do check the rules and regulations of those places before starting.

It is also a good idea to verify things online, especially while making the initial purchase. Ebay, Amazon, Flipkart and SnapDeal are great eCommerce sites. You can not only get a better bargain, but cash discounts and promo codes can further help to reduce your expenditure.You can also try the option of sending them a personalized email of what you are going to start. Who knows? They might have a big surprise for you.

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Start your namkeen (Indian snack) business. How to start your own namkeen (Indian snack) business

Getting started with a namkeen (Indian snack) business?

Start your own namkeen (Indian snack) business

Presently, there are implausible opportunities available in the namkeen (Indian snack) business and there are a dozen reasons to choose this biz. A few reasons are:

  • Food business is on the boom nowadays.
  • The margins are high.
  • Demand increases abnormally during the festive season(s).
  • The growing need holds a lot of business opportunities for those who want to cash.
  • Many international and national giants are looking out for people who want to become part of such ventures.

So, made up your mind to go for a snack foods business?

We will be happy to tell you what you need to know to get started.

The profile

It is obvious that where there is foot traffic, you will find flocks of people looking for a tasty snacks food. Being an entrepreneur you must remember that your food stand isn't just a food stand, but an active small business that requires prompt decision making and good leadership from those running it.

Challenges concerning snacks food business

The major concern is the shifting consumer tastes and health concerns. It is advisable for the owners to go out of the way and monitor industry trends via the Snacks Food Association and other trade organizations.

Discussed below are a handful of concerns that snacks retailers need to be prepared with on a regular basis:

Traffic (foot fall)

The business rises or falls based on the location of the setup.  The amount of traffic is an important factor that would decide the bottom line profitability and the revenues.


Sooner or later they will be and need to hire additional manpower.  Based on the size of the setup, it is possible to break the ice with just a handful of committed associates or workers. However, the key is to ensure that those associated are cross trained to cover temporary shortfall(s).


All snacks food operators thrive by specializing in a particular food category than going for a long list. For e.g. If you specialize in Bhujia, let someone else handle papad preparations.

The business Plan

The business plan will serve as a blue print of the objective(s).In case of any difficulty, professional help can always be availed to ensure everything is in place. However, you have to be proactively involved.

The plan also gives a competitive edge over the others.

Market Potential Evaluation

Try to figure out the customers you will get within a 15 minutes span. How many are present within an hour's drive from your setup.Information like these will give an idea regarding the robustness of the initiative.

Evaluating Competition

 it is a good idea to see the competition in the area of your business.You can use the internet to find out similar setup(s) in your area to do the study.It will be useful if you can gain the knowledge of how other firms have positioned themselves. Preparing the business plan accordingly will be the best bet.

Should you buy or start your own

Generally, purchased snacks food retail fair well over new startups in the initial stage.However, entrepreneurs committed to highly unique value plan(s) can go for the startup approach. But, the same must be covered by a thorough survey.

Legal requirements

A food handler's card might be required, which implies that the holder has an understanding of food safety and sanitation practices.A licensed kitchen would be a good option. It implies that you meet a commercial grade kitchen standard(s).Make sure you have commercial insurance.Overall, you got to be wise and organized to succeed be on top.

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Start Your Designer Diya business

The ultimate guide to start your designer Diya business

The ultimate guide to start your desigenr Diya business

Diwali Diya which is a small earthen lamp is the most important part of the festival of lights i.e. Diwali. It has traditional significance and that’s why as a business, designing Diya can be one of the most lucrative business ideas in this festive environment. Diyas are usually made of clay and then ghee or oil is used as the fuel and cotton wool as the wick, but by including some innovative designs you can easily make lots of profits with your designer Diyas. Despite the fact that these days electric lights are replacing earthen Diyas but still charm of traditional Diwali Diyas are quite popular that you can utilize in your business venture. 

Important Steps to be taken before Starting Business of Designer Diya:
For properly starting your business, first and most important thing will be to verify your designs and services from government authority. Once that will be done then you can easily find the license for properly starting your business. For getting this, you may need to showcase your samples of designer Diyas and if that will be passed then it will quite easy for you to go for further processes. That includes registering of your company name as per government rules and regulations. All such regulations are quite easy to complete, as government helps in starting such ventures.

Training & Certifications:

To polish yourself, you can also go for some easily accessible online training programs that tell you about every important thing needed for starting designer Diya business. For helping people who want to go for MSME ventures, government also provides some help programs, and details of that are available online. You can also get some certificates in MSME by completing your training that will help in starting your business in an efficacious manner.

Ingredients & Steps involved in making Designed Diyas:

Traditionally Diyas are made of clays and if you prefer that then clays are easily accessible. For designer Diyas, wheat flour is also quite prevalent because it is easy in giving customized shape to your Diyas. So, essential ingredients will be wheat flour, water, oil, cotton wick or cotton cloth, fabric paint, beads or mirrors (other decorative items), glue, paint brush, oven and so forth. The process is quite easy and you can quite conveniently learn that from your training.

Business Plan:

For successfully running your business of designer Diya it is important to make a proper business plan. The most significant one is, understanding the market as that will make your business more revenue generating. For having a proper arrangement in case of ups and downs, you should have some liquidity and flexibility in your budget. You should also have a proper venture record as that will help you in proper channelization of business.

Loan Facility

Government also provides very convenient loan facility and you can easily get that from so many nationalized banks nowadays. Some of the helpful websites that you may refer to know about loan details are http://www.mudra.org.in/, http://www.iob.in/MSME.aspx and http://www.sidbi.com/.

[Disclaimer note: In case these banks stop providing business loans in future then this site will not be accountable/ responsible for that].


You should start your designer Diya making business by taking help of resources who are efficient in Diya making and have some experience of such business. By taking help of professionals who have experience of similar sorts of ventures you can initiate your endeavor too.

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Bar on wheels business

How to start bar-on-wheel business

Bar on wheels business.

Though this might be a completely new concept in the developing countries, the developed countries have progressed quite a lot in this direction. They enjoy the idea of getting into a manual powered vehicle, paddle along while enjoying their favorite drink.

The information that we are going to share now is a case study of a 'bar on wheel' venture. We hope the information shared will help those who aspire to come up with such a facility.

The scope:

Lulu Keeble - the owner of a catering and lime bar is having a hard time keeping up with the demand for service(s) during the season. She offers catering services and mobile bar to many of her corporate and private clients during the festivities.

The idea:

Entertaining always comes with the need for drinks and food. A party is never complete without a bar area that serves soft or hard drinks for the invited guests.

And, making the right selection and handling the bar while making sure that the glasses of the guests never run dry can be quite daunting for the host. This is exactly where the mobile bars fit in.

Just as the name suggests, these bars offer the same services as one would get at a normal bar except that one gets to choose where and what is on offer. In case there is a party coming up, and you are thinking of going ahead with one of these, we suggest that you start looking for one of these soon as they are just a handful available.

The services of these parts on wheels usually designed as per the needs and the budget of the client(s). However the costs usually include the price of the drinks, charges for the staff, glasses, ice, condiments, washing, jugs and disposables for water, juice, etc.


The charges of a pub on wheels are usually for a four hours interval with overtime charges on a per hour basis.  There could be an additional cost involved if there are any specialized request(s) or theme involved.

 For those who prefer high end feel for the event, linen napkins, cutlery and glasses can either be bought or hired at additional costs. In this case, the bar equipment comes with the deal.

For clients who look for more exotic and complex cocktails, expert cocktail makers and mixologists might be hired depending on the event requirement(s). According to Keeble, in house staff are quite comfortable making cosmopolitans, dawa and usual mojitos but for a wider or a more complex variety(ies), mixologists are a must.


Another player of this field - The Aqueous Bar, considered as a pioneer in the segment of the bar on wheels sector has been providing various types of services for different functions for quite long. Their bar has a furniture arm as well to provide a lounge like effect during the cocktail events.


Recently, because of increased competition from the hotel chains and new players in the market, mobile bar owners have diversified their offerings in order to keep the business running. These include services that come in just as the usual drinks, drinks and barbeque, drinks and canapes or perhaps a full catering offering a 3 course meal of choice.


To go ahead with a similar setup, one can always consider availing a loan. For more info, it is advised to try out the following:



In India, going ahead with something like this won't be a cakewalk because of factors like – alcohol usage in public, night life restrictions, permit for the vehicles being used apart from the use and allotment of space.

However, this concept can always be a part of an indoor private party/event.

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Facts about home based MLM business

Facts about home based MLM business

The basic needs of a home based MLM business to succeed include a decent computer, a wireless high-speed Internet and a desire to succeed. Many companies involved in network marketing MLM money are important to learn the ropes of network marketing and gradually have become proficient in it and are now looking for others to help keep your business growing. Some may cite noble reasons for wanting to share their methods and some may simply say they want to grow more and make more money and need your help to do it, but the bottom line is their methods have been proven to work and if you follow their lead, you can succeed as well.

MLM home-based businesses are an excellent source of extra income, as long as the facts of these businesses are known. In addition, there are certain aspects of the business owner in the MLM home based or member of this type of business has to consider from time to time. The business owner home based MLM or team member should initially consider business statistics home based MLM available on the Internet and get a better understanding of this type of business.

The following is a detailed aspects of the evaluation of a home based MLM business exam:

1. Negation- Most people involved in MLM home business to lose money. This is a simple fact. If a team member or owner is spending more money than their production in the home business MLM company is a failure. This aspect of assessment takes into account that are not advertising, commissioning, and other expenses as well.

2. Line Duplication- Certain members of a successful upline placing an Internet advertisement for distributors wanted. This particular action can not be duplicated would not be effective for the entire team in the MLM home business to perform the same action.

3. The owners or members of home-based business Most MLM numbers do not look closely at the numbers of their business. Pay special attention to the various parts of the home-based business MLM (ie, time value, sponsorship, down line members, etc.).

4. Run as a Ministry- Some people running MLM home-based businesses believe their products depends on the survival of the world. This is an excellent way to think of owning a home business MLM.

All these aspects of the evaluation must be positively confirmed to have the success and benefits of a home based business MLM. There are many home based MLM business opportunities on the Internet and print publications as well. An interested person should carefully research a home based MLM business chosen, and apply these aspects of the assessment that after a while experiencing the home based MLM business. In addition, the person concerned must find a home business MLM allows investment of personal time, instead of large amounts of money for the company.

In essence, a business idea home based MLM requires a person to use the time as the capital along with a small monetary investment is a company that is less risky but has great potential to provide generous benefits.

Hope this would give you some insight on MLM business. If you really want to be part of such business, join :refer and earn". We are on of the fast growing refer and earn companies, That offers training and support. Joining is free and you do not need any extra investment. 

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