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Facts about home based MLM business

Facts about home based MLM business

The basic needs of a home based MLM business to succeed include a decent computer, a wireless high-speed Internet and a desire to succeed. Many companies involved in network marketing MLM money are important to learn the ropes of network marketing and gradually have become proficient in it and are now looking for others to help keep your business growing. Some may cite noble reasons for wanting to share their methods and some may simply say they want to grow more and make more money and need your help to do it, but the bottom line is their methods have been proven to work and if you follow their lead, you can succeed as well.

MLM home-based businesses are an excellent source of extra income, as long as the facts of these businesses are known. In addition, there are certain aspects of the business owner in the MLM home based or member of this type of business has to consider from time to time. The business owner home based MLM or team member should initially consider business statistics home based MLM available on the Internet and get a better understanding of this type of business.

The following is a detailed aspects of the evaluation of a home based MLM business exam:

1. Negation- Most people involved in MLM home business to lose money. This is a simple fact. If a team member or owner is spending more money than their production in the home business MLM company is a failure. This aspect of assessment takes into account that are not advertising, commissioning, and other expenses as well.

2. Line Duplication- Certain members of a successful upline placing an Internet advertisement for distributors wanted. This particular action can not be duplicated would not be effective for the entire team in the MLM home business to perform the same action.

3. The owners or members of home-based business Most MLM numbers do not look closely at the numbers of their business. Pay special attention to the various parts of the home-based business MLM (ie, time value, sponsorship, down line members, etc.).

4. Run as a Ministry- Some people running MLM home-based businesses believe their products depends on the survival of the world. This is an excellent way to think of owning a home business MLM.

All these aspects of the evaluation must be positively confirmed to have the success and benefits of a home based business MLM. There are many home based MLM business opportunities on the Internet and print publications as well. An interested person should carefully research a home based MLM business chosen, and apply these aspects of the assessment that after a while experiencing the home based MLM business. In addition, the person concerned must find a home business MLM allows investment of personal time, instead of large amounts of money for the company.

In essence, a business idea home based MLM requires a person to use the time as the capital along with a small monetary investment is a company that is less risky but has great potential to provide generous benefits.

Hope this would give you some insight on MLM business. If you really want to be part of such business, join :refer and earn". We are on of the fast growing refer and earn companies, That offers training and support. Joining is free and you do not need any extra investment. 

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Monday, March 28, 2016

100 great business ideas


Looking for business ideas? Do not have ideas? This book will give you 100 ideas, that suits Indian business climate.

I have read other blogs about business ideas, most of them tell about the ideas which is good, but more important is that one should  know the background of each ideas such as risk, infrastructure, investment etc. 

This eBook has got 100 ideas, that includes:

  1. Adventure Sports Business
  2. Incense Stick (Aggarbatti)
  3. Agriculture Business
  4. Antiques & Collectibles
  5. Baby Day Care
  6. Bakery and condiment
  7. Bread and Bun
  8. Bed and breakfast 
  9. Homemade biryani 
  10. Bulk SMS
  11. Translation service 
  12. Tree nursery 
  13. TV repairing 
  14. Web hosting 
  15. Gardening maintenance 
  16. Bar on wheel 
  17. Beauty salon 
  18. Carpet cleaning service 
  19. Classified site
  20. Coffee and Tea bar 
  21. Community catering 
  22. Curry powder 
  23. Custom tailoring 
  24. Designed paper bag
  25. Designer candle 
  26. and more
For each business ideas, we have covered these points:

  1. About this business opportunity

2.    Current market trend
3.    Level of competition
4.    The future
5.    Who can start this business
6.    Skill set you need
7.    Level of risk
8.    Profit feasibility
9.    Investment
10. Admin work
11. Infrastructure
12. Add-on infra
13. Team building/staff
14. Website building
15. Marketing plan
a.    off line
b.    Internet marketing
c.    Marketing kit
16. Resource 
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Friday, November 6, 2015

Join DBS Next Level Business Club For Free


Are you an entrepreneur or a business owner want to grow business? We know it takes long time to win customer. Today's market is all about digital, lead generation, networking, referral but hoe you do all these. Do you know all these techniques or do you know right people who can you growing your biz. I would say it's difficult but not impossible.  in order to get success in business you should mingle with right people, take part in discussion, and help each other and many other activities. Please read further to know more about this post. I am sure you would like this post and also join our business club.

Running a successful business requires proper and effective marketing and promotion. Companies aim to expand their customer base which is one of the major goals in order to achieve business growth. Normally, companies opt for traditional methods of promotion which limits their reach and thus, affects the expansion of customer base in the process. Our aim and purpose it to provide you with newer, more technologically advanced and effective methods of promoting and marketing your business. Joining our business club would apprehend your business growth.

Why Join Us?

Want to utilize the domain of email marketing and SMS marketing and maximize the promotional prospect and hence, the profit of your company? Then why opt for different companies for different services? DBS Next Level Business Club brings to you a range of marketing solutions under one umbrella with the sole aim of growing your business. We provide top notch Email marketing, SMS marketing and Lead Generation services that will catapult your company’s business and its reachability to the consumers. We will make your company’s market share grow and sustain the growth of your business.

Benefits of joining our business club

Our business club borders on excellent performance and ensured results. One of our major priorities is to cater our members with facilities which like nowhere else. Some of these include:

  • Lead generation: One of the major services we provide, Lead Generation is an important marketing strategy in today’s competitive world for all companies. We study the consumers’ interests and activities and derive patterns from them about their buying habits etc. We present the consumers with information about your company so that they know what your company can give them and in the process, they develop interests about your company and thus, successful leads are generated. We guarantee successful lead generation which eventually leads to successful business.
  • Business meetups: We organize business meetups where several companies can share their ideas and learn the tricks and fineries of successful business. Companies can learn from the experiences shared by other companies in the meetups about their mistakes, how to arrest over-expenditure, attracting customers and other relevant topics, all with the goal of enriching bright business minds.
  • Knowledge: We at DBS Next Level Business Club aim at sharing knowledge with our members about the present day scenario of digital marketing. Our company policy is to always share the knowledge we gain.
  • Access to business forums: One of the major facilities we provide to our members is the access to business forums where they can post blogs, share their experiences and learn from other members about business prospects like expanding their digital marketing reach, strategies for smart business, keeping up with technology etc.
  • Discussions: Like the above-mentioned facilities, we provide another important platform for knowledge expansion by organising discussions between company representatives with the aim of sharing business knowledge and agendas.
  • Branding: The importance of branding is taking centre stage in today’s business world. Your brand is your business identity. Customers know who you are and what to expect from you in terms of your products, services and the quality of them. We customize brand strategies for our members to give them an edge in today’s fiercely competitive market.
  • Exhibitions: We organize business exhibitions and trade fairs to reach out to potential customers as exhibitions are a popular way of expanding business these days.
  • Get to know other local business people: Joining our business club gives you the opportunity to know with other local business people. This serves as a great opportunity to familiarize with other local businesses and their methodology.
  • Reach new audiences: Running a business on its own has a limited reach to audiences. But joining our group will give you the opportunity to reach new audiences and thus, generate successful leads in the process.
  • Obtain training and build synergies: Once you join our group, you will receive training on various aspects of business management and marketing and build synergies which will enhance your business growth.
  • Win new contracts: As the business opportunities increase, you will be able to win new contracts and deliver your products or services to new customers.
  • Yield a better return: DBS Next Level Business Club’s one of the major goals is to make sure that its members yield better returns on their investments.
  • Overcome your fears: Running a successful business and sustaining its growth requires overcoming your fears. We will help you in taking calculated risks.
  • Utilize your time more profitably: Join our group and we shall ensure that your valuable time is not wasted.
  • Refine your presentation skills: As a part of our training programme, you would get to improve your presentation skills.
  • Benefit from referrals: DBD Next Level Business Club generates referrals for its members from which they benefit and progress.
  • Upstage your competitors: Business nowadays is all about the fierce competition of rival companies. We help our members to be the numero-uno in their fields.
  • Show off your wares: You get the opportunity to exhibit your products or services by joining us.
  • Increase your confidence: Join DBS Next Level Business Club and increase your confidence to run your business.
  • New strategic alliances:Successful business requires making the right alliances. We help to create beneficial alliances which benefit your business growth.
  • Expand your opportunities: Joining our Business Club will provide you with newer opportunities for you and your business to prosper.

Therefore, stop procrastinating and sign up today for free and enjoy the benefits of the facilities we provide. Let us work together for your success and make sure you secure the industry sector!

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100 plus business ideas that suit Indian business climate

Starting a New Business? You have the potential, we have the ideas. To know more, visit our website and you can get all the details about our ideas. We assist in a successful startup. Let's make it together

  1. 1.Adventure sports
  2. Aerobic class
  3. Aggaarbatti (incense stick)
  4. Agriculture business
  5. Antiques and Collectibles
  6. Art and craft
  7. Baby day care
  8. Bakery and condiment
  9. Bar on wheel
  10. Beauty salon
  11. Beauty salon and Spa
  12. Bed and breakfast business
  13. Blogger
  14. Bread and bun production
  15. Bulk SMS Solutions
  16. Business club
  17. Business consultant
  18. Carpet cleaner
  19. Classified site
  20. Coffee and tea bar
  21. Communication trainer
  22. Community Catering
  23. Content writing business
  24. Cooking class
  25. Courier services
  26. Curry powder (masala)
  27. Custom Tailoring
  28. Dance class
  29. Designed candle
  30. Designed paper bag
  31. Designer candle 
  32. Designer diya
  33. Digital marketing trainer
  34. Dog training school
  35. Doggy day care
  36. Door step shoe cleaner
  37. Door step vehicle cleaner
  38. Drop shipping business
  39. Dry flower business
  40. EBook
  41. Ecommerce company 
  42. eLearning Business
  43. Email marketing services
  44. Entrepreneurial training centre
  45. Fashion boutique
  46. Fashion designing and tailoring
  47. Financial advisor
  48. Fish farming
  49. Flavoured tea business
  50. Flower farming and sales
  51. Food on wheel
  52. Foreign study consultant
  53. Gardening maintenance 
  54. Gift shop
  55. Graphic designing services
  56. Handy craft business
  57. Heat transfer T-shirt and Mug business
  58. Home decor business
  59. Home security services
  60. Homemade biryani and kabab centre
  61. Homemade chocolate 
  62. Homemade food
  63. Homemade pickles
  64. Homemade soap
  65. Horticulture business
  66. Hr and placement agency
  67. Interior designing 
  68. Internet cafe
  69. IT company
  70. Jewellery Making
  71. Juice centre
  72. Jute decoration business
  73. Kids school
  74. Kitty party organizer
  75. Local classified paper
  76. Mini shopping mall
  77. Mobile servicing centre 
  78. Mushroom growing
  79. Music band
  80. Namkeen business (Indian snack )
  81. Online cooking class
  82. Online dating site
  83. Online garment store
  84. Online grocery
  85. Online library 
  86. Online taxi booking 
  87. Online tutor business 
  88. parties organizer for kids
  89. Party and Special-Event Rentals
  90. Paying guest
  91. Physiotherapy centre
  92. Plumbing and electrical services
  93. Poultry farm
  94. Professional Photography
  95. Proofreading and copy editing services
  96. Radio jockey
  97. Real estate agency
  98. Recruitment agency
  99. Rural BPO
  100. Rural business consultant
  101. Rural business exhibitor
  102. Rural radio station
  103. Sattu (mixed grained powder)
  104. Self Help Group (SHG)
  105. Self publishing
  106. Sell your stuff on Ebay/Amazon
  107. SEO consultant 
  108. SHG (self help group)
  109. Soft toys
  110. Solar light business
  111. Sports club
  112. Stand up comedy business
  113. Start Indian snack business
  114. Start your hobby business 
  115. Start your own herbal products
  116. Television channel
  117. Terracotta business
  118. Terracotta jewellery
  119. Tour guide
  120. Translation service
  121. Travel and tour
  122. Tree nursery
  123. T-shirt business
  124. Tutoring business
  125. TV repairing centre
  126. Video jockey
  127. Visa immigration
  128. Visiting Chef
  129. Web development company
  130. Weight loss and body correction
  131. Women club
  132. Women party organizer
  133. Wooden furniture  
  134. Yoga and aerobic centre

If you wish to start any business from above list, reach out to us. We will help you to become an entrepreneur.

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Small business and entrepreneurship training, and solutions

Small business and entrepreneurship training, and solutions

The recent changes in market dynamics have put small businesses into leadership position. In changed market context, small business owners are enjoying ample business opportunities and a level playing field. Supported by the power of technology driven marketing they are now being able to cast their web wider to rope international clientele and enjoy growth in terms of business volume.

The number of small businesses and start-ups had significantly grown in the recent past and yet not all of those were success. Despite trailblazing ideas, a significant number of small businesses have also flopped during this period. 
An early demise of a small business effort can be attributed to many factors but most significant is lack of proper mentoring, guidance and support. Often small entrepreneurs start with great ideas but lack in practical knowledge and understanding of market. The challenges faced by them are multiple. 

  • Often they do not have a workable business plan. Although they have great ideas, they need to check on commercial viability of their plan to calculate its probability of success.  
  • Identifying the right market is the first step towards building a successful business. It needs knowledge of marketing to successfully penetrate the market.
  • Strict budget is often a hindrance for small entrepreneurs. They can’t spend as much as their large enterprise competitors on advertising campaigns. There are also problems related to fund management, payment, collection and availability of capital resource.  
  • Then there are problems related to keeping customers happy by offering right customer support. Small business need support of a full-fledged customer service more than an enterprise. Without it, they can soon lose their customer base.  

In India small business owners often struggle to make both ends meet without proper guidance and marketing solutions. We offer comprehensive online marketing guidance to professionals and entrepreneurs alike, offers end-to-end business plan and marketing solution. 

How small entrepreneur training can help

Small business entrepreneurship training have risen to prominence recently. These training courses are targeted to offer small entrepreneurs with complete understanding of scopes of business and how to leverage opportunities to their favor. The course will cover the following agendas so that one can kick-start a business in three months time.

  • A complete business plan so that you can actually evaluate your scopes
  • Complete marketing strategy to promote your business in smart ways that is both affordable and rewarding 

Small businesses often run on strict budget and therefore extensive homework only improves its chances of surviving the competition. They need more innovative ways to promote their business that would offer quicker results so that they can reach the break-even point faster. We have assumed the role of a mentor for small entrepreneurs by offering them comprehensive guidance about starting, planning and marketing their small business. As a part of our training program we also offer them technological solutions regarding building websites and search engine optimization so that they have a solid footing when they start. Small business entrepreneurship training of DBS Next Level can be divided into the following categories. 

Business plan: This part will discuss and evaluate scopes of business given present market condition and future possibilities. We help you in drawing up a business plan that is economically viable and resource efficient. Often delivered at a personal level, the training focuses on developing of skill areas, as mentioned below, essential for successful entrepreneurship.

  • Mission, vision and goals
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Decision-making
  • Risk management
  • Problem solving 
  • Team building and management

Marketing plan: Effective marketing is the key to success. Small and emerging businesses need the support of effective marketing plan more than large organizations. To help, DBS Next Level offers complete marketing planning solution to entrepreneurs. We offer a wide range of industry specific marketing and online marketing training courses directed to address and resolve marketing related complexities within an industry. Our SEO training is imparted to interested candidates coming from different walks of life—students, marketing professionals, SEO professionals, entrepreneurs, SEO firms, trainers, housewives, retired persons, and more. 

A comprehensive course on online marketing covers its different aspects. 

  • Basic and purpose of SEO
  • Developing online marketing strategy involving SEO
  • SEO techniques and implementation
  • Website optimization
  • Generating business leads
  • Calculating SEO ROI
  • Content creation, marketing and optimization
  • Developing SEO marketing strategy within strict budget
  • Introduction to marketing funnel 

Website development: Website development involves technicalities and expenses. Often small businesses don’t have the means or resources to develop websites. By selecting us, you can also get necessary technical, hosting and marketing solutions for your website. We understand your business requirements and accordingly build websites that is SEO compliant.  
Turn your website into formidable business tool with assistance from us. Get more visitors to it and generate qualified leads for your business. The services we provide are:

  • Website development
  • Graphic designing 
  • Content development
  • SEO 
  • Social media optimization

Small entrepreneurs in India are required to survive in a highly competitive environment. They are facing challenges both internally and externally from large organizations. DBS Next Level helps them in turning the obstacles into their favor by helping them leverage the scopes offered by market. As most emerging business now are web-based they need proper guidance and mentoring as to how to leverage potential of online marketing without losing sight of long term goals. Many entrepreneurs still don’t have clear understanding about online marketing and its potentials and hence, they fail to exploit it to their benefit. Small business, in particular, can use online marketing in their favor as an affordable and convenient means of branding. We help in bridging the gap created by lack of proper dissemination of information by offering comprehensive small business entrepreneurship training. If you are harboring an idea to start a small company, we can put you in the right track by helping you plan and execute. This is no classroom coaching; but imparted with the objective to help you survive market competition and therefore, customized to focus on dealing with practical issues. 

Mentoring and support 

In our understanding, ongoing mentoring and support plays a vital role in encouraging and enabling a small business owner and entrepreneur to build their confidence, competence and overall capability.  Without this support, a huge chunk of business owners will never apply their skills. We have therefore, developed program, which will help you at every stage of your in business cycle.
As a business owner, you may choose to have our mentoring for yourself or for your staff. Through mentoring you can build up your business skills for free, which can help you achieve your success.

In a nut shell 

Our small business and entrepreneurship training program will give you:

  • Understanding of business
  • Business plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Complete internet marketing plan
  • Business and marketing communication kit
  • Ready to work website with your logo
  • Web hosting 
  • Genuine content writing and images
  • 2-month training on business and marketing
  • Mentoring and support 

We offer different types of small business, from which you will have to opt that matched your interest.

  1. Affiliate marketing 
  2. Article marketing
  3. Beauty parlor- say it beauty salon (complete beauty solution)
  4. Business consultant
  5. Business mentoring center
  6. Cell phone servicing center
  7. Coaching center
  8. Computer and laptop servicing center
  9. Computer institute
  10. content writing services 
  11. Cooking class
  12. Cooking/food websites
  13. Desk Top Publishing (DTP) business
  14. e-book aka D-commerce 
  15. Foreign study consultant
  16. Graphic designing and marketing communication
  17. Grocery items on wheels
  18. Health and fitness website
  19. Information sharing (be an infopreneur)
  20. Internet marketing company
  21. Local classified paper
  22. Local info center
  23. Mini shopping mall
  24. Online garment store
  25. PTC moneymaking site
  26. Rural BPO/call center
  27. Rural business exhibitor
  28. Self Help Group (SHG)
  29. SEO company
  30. SEO training institute
  31. Tailoring business
  32. Terracotta jewelry 
  33. Training center
  34. Travel and tour
  35. T-shirt business
  36. TV repairing center
  37. Web designing company
  38. Writing services

Each of business opportunity should include:

  1. About this business opportunity
  2. Current market trend
  3. Level of competition
  4. The future 
  5. Who can start this business
  6. Skill set you need
  7. Level of risk
  8. Profit feasibility
  9. Investment
  10. Admin work
  11. Infrastructure
  12. Add-on infra
  13. Team building/staff
  14. Website building
  15. Marketing plan
  16. Off line
  17. Internet marketing
  18. Marketing kit
  19. Maintenance

If you need more info pls mail me at

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Affiliate marketing opportunity. Huge commission. Open to all nation.

Dear all,

I would like to inform you all that, I would be publishing three books that would hit the market shortly. All of my books are on business:

1.       100 business ideas
2.       50 business ideas for women
3.       How make money on the Internet

The purpose of writing to all you is to develop affiliate-marketing channel. It means I am offering affiliate marketer. Healthy commission which is more than any other eCommerce company.

At present, I have just three books. Near future I am planning to publish 100 (hundred) more books. All books are on small business ideas. If any of you want to be my affiliate, please let me know. I will provide training to all my affiliate for free.

Who am I?

My name is Manish Ray from Bangalore, India a digital marketing trainer, blogger, and small business consultant.

My sites are:

Check my profile

Monday, March 3, 2014

Small Business Training Programs & Entrepreneur Training-India

Hi all,

We have a good news for all aspiring small business owner and entrepreneurs.
Canny Turtle and SEO Training Point bring complete business training for small business and start up.

We will train, mentor and provide End to End solution for your business.

This complete package will cover:

  • Business strategy and plan
  • Marketing plan for two year 
  • Internet marketing training (you will learn 30 types of online marketing)
  • Traditional marketing
  • Business expansion plan
  • Communication skill
  • Personality development skill
  • Will give complete Marketing Kit
We will build ready to work website. It means we will create:
  • Your company logo
  • domain registration  
  • Web hosting
Our package will also cover:
  • Content writing (original writing)
  • Local SEO
  • Blog writing
  • Article writing
  • You will avail SEO packages of 5 keywords
  • Social media marketing Facebook and Google plus
  • One video upload and optimization (YouTube)  
  • Free Email marketing for three month, you will have to  provide database. Or else we will buy for you
Pls take a look of our Small business options:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Article marketing
  • Beauty parlor (complete beauty solution)
  • Business consultant
  • Business mentoring center
  • Cell phone servicing center
  • Coaching center
  • Computer and laptop servicing center
  • Computer institute
  • Content writing services
  • Cooking class
  • Cooking/food websites
  • Desk Top Publishing (DTP) business
  • E-book aka D-commerce
  • Foreign study consultant
  • Graphic designing and marketing communication
  • Grocery items on wheels
  • Health and fitness website
  • Information sharing (be an infopreneur)
  • Internet marketing company
  • Local classified paper
  • Local info center
  • Mini shopping mall
  • Online garment store
  • PTC moneymaking site
  • Rural BPO/call center
  • Rural business exhibitor
  • Rural business consultant 
  • SEO company
  • SEO training institute
  • Tailoring business
  • Terracotta jewelry
  • Training center
  • Travel and tour
  • T-shirt business
  • TV repairing center
  • Web designing company
  • Writing services
  • Visa immigration

Pls take a look to our options and let us know your interest. If none of this business matches your business idea, still you will be glad to help you. Just let us know your business idea, we will work together and make it success.

This small business training programs are also available to the citizen of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. If you want to be our business partner, pls write to us