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How to start a small business in agriculture

Agriculture business ideas in India

Steps to guide your for agriculture business

If you happen to under no circumstances been to an agricultural institution or tuition and would not have adequate capabilities on various equipment, merchandise, grains, soil, seeds and plants then do not fear, still you've a precise profession in agricultural industry if you plan it good before opening. Opening an Agricultural industry is unique from simply plain tilling the land and harvesting the fruits of your labour. You have to done here proper paper works, arrange cash and take bank loans, registering your firm like all other businesses.

Cash and paperwork

Agriculture is a huge time period that covers all features of animal and plant farming like livestock grazing and processing and/or orchard and winery tending and/or timberland cultivation and processing. In its easiest sense, it's the creation of feed, fibre, food and other items by way of ordinary cultivation. Getting cash from any type of agricultural endeavour is referred to as agricultural trade, and triumphant firms, tend to contain quite a lot of forms, laws and technicalities. There are also various nearby legal guidelines, environmental laws and taxes to be aware of.

Deciding to be in an agricultural trade is a massive step, and this article might just a summary of what could lie forward for you. This text can even anticipate that you've got chosen already a suitable “product” to upward push and that already the best way to effectively domesticate them for mass production. This article will also assume that you've got adequate land space to take action and those local govt legal guidelines allow for you to raise your “products” there. Your next step might be to formally register your enterprise.

Registering corporation

Registering your corporation with the local government is major. The neighborhood government (or county) will furnish you the land allow on your agricultural business. You're going to additionally have to register what kind of operation you are jogging, register the identity of your farm and extra importantly, the name of your agricultural trade. In view that you might be running a trade, you are also required to register with the Chamber of Commerce.

Industry establishments are required to have reputable makes it possible for, and these may come in all varieties and from one-of-a-kind types of companies. You may want a permit to operate in your locality. You can also want certification if you are to use pesticides. If you are “processing” meals merchandise, you have got to register your farm with the FDA (meals and Drug administration) and the division of Agriculture and Markets.

Coaching and certificates

In India, there are quite a lot of up-to-date agricultural guides can also be executed underneath govt. Oriented publications. Many colleges are also here which are giving you the degree path in agriculture, and in it’s quite a lot of facets.

Things and equipment

There are quite a lot of equipment are on hand in matte which you have got to avail to your agriculture discipline. Like water pump for water supply, tractor, cultivator, energy sprayer, pesticides, mill machinery, which you need after collection the crops, and many others.

With the intention to make your corporation run as smoothly as viable, you are going to of the path, hire labour. Aside from farm palms, you would also need to avail the services of an accountant, an insurer, and a lawyer.

Monday, October 16, 2017

How to start your Aggarbatti Business (incense stick)

Earn Money by Setting up your Own Incense Sticks at Home

Agarbatti making is without doubt one of the average industries in India. People burn agarbatti for religious events and in addition for aromatherapy, meditation, and yoga. Agarbatti making training is now is given by govt through various courses.  There are two kinds of machines which you can use in this business. The basic amount which you need to start the agarbatti business is approximate 5 lakhs.

Compliance for Agarbatti Making business

Verify your authorized sample of the firm and register as a result. You will need to receive trade License from neighbourhood authority. Which you could register your agarbatti making business as SSI Unit. You'll have got to have Vat Registration. Guard your company name by registering exchange, Mark. Perpetually begin your new trade in step with government ideas and laws. Registering your company in govt.’s record will once more aid you most.

The training and certificates

The learning that you are going to want is available on the net; you simply ought to find it out. And related to funding and aid by means of the government, there's a scheme via the government named as PMEGP (prime Ministers Employment iteration application) which is exact for helping out MSME and ventures.


Charcoal powder, sticky powder, Nargis powder, raw bamboo sticks, water, quite a lot of style of oils, fragrant essence, flower essence , sandalwood oil, rose petals, average and chemical fragrant parts, saw dirt, thick paper, gelatin paper, scissor, waste paper, various colour powder and so forth are add-ons that will be wanted for manufacturing agarbatti. Respectable cardboard box can be needed for packing. You can source the raw fabric from any wholesale retailer or from risk less suppliers.


As per your business plan decide upon the equipment. Two exceptional varieties of machines more often than not used for agarbatti making. One is semi-automated and a different in utterly automatic. More commonly semi-automatic agarbatti making machines supply output of 30-35 kg and automatic agarbatti making machines provide output 65-70 kg per day. The cost of the semi-automated incense stick making desktop begins from Rs. 90000.


In starting agarbatti making the trade, it is important to craft a business plan. Among more than a few characteristics of merchandise, come to a decision which forms of agarbatti you're going to be making. Accordingly you are going to must pick the machines. It's advocated to have a venture record in hand before initiating the venture. Calculate -up funds with fixed capital investment like machinery, plant and many others.

Market opportunity

There’s a huge demand for agarbatti in domestic as well as in international market. India is exporting a broad variety of agarbattis or incense sticks that have average, exceptional fragrances. There are 10000 agarbatti factories within the country including micro and small, apart from one other 200 well-headquartered ones having over 50 branded agarbattis. Venture fee For Agarbatti Making trade can also begin from 5 lakhs onwards.


You need to start your business with handful of resources, who are proficient in manufacturing aggarbattis. You can search them out from competitor companies or from rural areas around your city. There are so many looking for a job and you can easily search out some employees with refined skill in this sector.

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How to make money on Fiverr. Must read blog for those who wants to make money on Fiverr.

How can you make 30,000 INR ($462) in few months on Fiverr and how I can help you on this with full support.

Yes you read this right, by selling gigs (also known as micro job) you can make money on Fiverr. Before i take you further, let me show some screenshot below:

You can see this guy already sold 500+ logos and he sells for 10 USD per logo. So the earning is 50000 USD. This sells do not happens in a month but takes times. Like this guy, you can also make money in many ways on Fiverr.

An overview: What is Fiverr

Fiverr is a micro job site where people buy and sell service for 5 usd. The minimum price starts from 5 usd and goes up to 995 usd. You buy/sell ebook, video, audio, Digital marketing (SEO, SMM, Website visitors, link building), video animation, and content writing, programming, and more. 

How it works

It is simple. You can join Fiverr by using your gmail account or Facebook account. Here is the screenshot:

After you join you need to furnish the details including payment details. Most of the countries accepts PayPal. There are other payment methods as well. Here is the screenshot:

To buy some gig:

Again it's simple and step by step confusing at all. Here is the screenshot

How to become a seller. 

This is little tricky but not tough. You need to research, but from my experience,  i would say these are Fiverr trends:

  • Logo and graphic designing
  • Website designing (mostly WordPress) 
  • Digital marketing
  • Whiteboard animation 
  • EBook
  • Content witting 
  • Tutorial
  • Tool (software) 
  • WordPress Theme

I just briefed about Fiverr. Now how can you make money on Fiverr. 

If you look at the above trends, all are skill based, it means, if you are good at your skill, you can make money. what if someone does not have skill? 

Can non-skilled person can make money. My answer is yes.

As a layman/non-skilled, you can sell below gigs:

website visitors 

Just buy these products at wholesale price and then sell at Fiverr. You are done. 

How to make more money.

Simple answer. promote and just promote. Here is top 25 methods to promote your Fiverr gig:

  1. Create a blog (free one)
  2. Blog commenting
  3. Promote your Fiverr widget
  4. Create FB page (business page)
  5. Join Facebook group
  6. LinkedIn
  7. YouTube video
  8. Tweeter. Also use retweet
  9. Join forum
  10. Article
  11. Banner ad
  12. Run PPC (Google Adwords)
  13. Bing PPC (best for US audience)
  14. Use PTC
  15. Use PPV
  16. SEO
  17. Craigslist
  18. Back page 
  19. Try international classified
  20. Free ebook
  21. Landing apge
  22. Squeeze page  
  23. Email marketing
  24. Buy 1 get 1 Free
  25. Solo ads 

Added to these methods,  try to get 100,000 visitors a month. If you get 0.5 % conversions, think of your sell. You may get 500 gigs. Initially you won't get 500, but 100 gigs possible. 

How may I help you

If you are skilled professional and know things, you may not need my support, but if you are non-skilled person or having little knowledge; want to make money on Fiverr, i will certainly help you. I will provide videos, ebook. You go thru them and learn. If you still want support,  i will help you.

If you from Bangalore, interested in class room training, you can join.

I will guide you step by step right from start to finish. Especially I will tell you how you can sell eBooks, video, and tools. Also i will tell you how you can provide 100000 to 500000 website visitors to your seller. 

So this is all about Fiverr. There are other ways to make money online such as Blogging, ebook portal, Forum and some other powerful ways. Should you wish to start online business, reach out to us. 

Join Fiverr


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How to start flavored tea business

Setting up a flavoured tea business

Tea is a drink that's popular in many countries. It is not only available in a variety of flavours, but they can be both decaffeinated and caffeinated. The numerous antioxidants make it a nutritionally rich beverage.

Starting a flavoured tea business is definitely a good idea to connect with lea lovers all over apart from the profit that it generates.

Given below is a step by step procedure of how to go about it. 

Come up with your own brand name:

One must finalize the brand name to start with. This involves buying tea leaves (unpackaged) and then developing your own branding and packaging.

A good way would be to do a research on the long established traditional tea drinking brands and their success story(ies). At the same time, one might also look for gaps in ideas or the market that might have remained unexplored.

Formulate your business plan

Chalk out the core values and identity of your setup.

The plan must include the following:

  • Market analysis summary
  • Products and services
  • Strategy and implementation
  • Financial Plan
  • Management summary

Design your packaging

  • Try running a few focus groups with people who can give honest feedback
  • Hire an expert for product and graphic design

Find the tea leaf supplier

  • You can either buy loose tea leaf or prepared tea bags.
  • Decanting tea leaves into individual tea bags can be a very time consuming process, but if you have a traditional approach in mind, it could be a good choice.
  • You can use the internet to get a basic idea of suppliers. You could be lucky enough to get hold of a good database.
  • Go for environmentally friendly and sustainable produced tea leaves for an edge over the others.


  • Once ready, you can go for a sample or two.
  • Starting with a prototype. The biggest advantage is that one can get a proper idea of the look and function of the initiative. That is, things start to become a physical reality rather than just an idea.
  • This is also the ideal stage to find out whether customers would be willing to pay the proposed price.

Publicity & Sales

Post the prototype stage, you are clear to hit the market. Apart from considering the local market, you can also think of having an online presence.

Register your business

In India, the proprietorship/partnership model is the easiest one to start with.

Make sure that you have completed all regulatory and legal requirements before going live. This can sometimes turn out to be a complicated area. So, make sure that you consult a business start up expert who can see to it that all the bureaucracy is properly taken care of.

One may also have to procure food and hygiene certificates along with safety certificates of your setup and health certificates of yourself and the staff.


You can always opt for a particular look and atmosphere that you think attract the target audience. This would cover everything from the choice of music, decor, staff, etc. that would have an impact on anyone and everyone who gets through the door.

This apart, do not forget to update the advertisement(s) frequently so that you stay fresh and are able to attract new customers.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Setting up a door step car wash business

How to start your own door step car wash business

Car wash is no more a driver's job. Car spa workshops are some of the few who are providing affordable car servicing, even at your doorstep. Here, the vehicle owners are getting their four wheels decked up and are walking up to mechanized detailing and cleaning of cars.

The need

Opening a door step car detailing and washing business ensures that you provide car detailing and washing services customers get full satisfaction for their money. It serves the purpose of a fast-paced society people live in today where the demand is that the car gets cleaned in the shortest possible time by a qualified professional. The vehicle in question undergoes a mechanized cleaning concept to get pampered by a combination of latest equipment and manual care.

So, the thumb rule is to get a wash, dry cleaning, etc. once in a week or a month as per what the clients desire.


According to a rough estimate, the detailing and washing spent should be one percent of the value of the vehicle per year.

The process

One needs to consider a number of factors when setting up the car wash business. The most important would be the type of car wash itself. Broadly, there can be two types of services:
  • Exterior Cleaning
  • Interior Cleaning

These majorly involve pressure wash, degreasing, claying, polishing, dressing, buffing and rubbing, teflon coating, glazing, vehicle dry clean, paint protection and treatment, etc.

The scope

The potential is comparatively higher in Tier III and Tier II cities where life is not always so busy and people have time for their cars and are always willing to try out new concepts.

How and What to do

You would need to consider a number of factors while making the start like hand wash, automatic, mobile or a combination should be carefully evaluated and price accordingly for profitability, viability and return on investment.

Hand wash and mobile require a smaller upfront whereas the labour cost is on an ongoing basis.

Alternatively, automatic and self service requires less labour but upfront costs can be really high.

Phase 1:

Do a local market research in the area to determine the viability. Take into consideration factors like average weather, competition, demographics, etc.

Phase 2:

Find out the car wash equipment dealers and supply distributors for a price analysis.

Phase 3:

Create a car wash business plan based on the market research and equipment selection.

Phase 4:

Decide on the business structure like a sole proprietor, partnership, limited liability company or corporation. The business consultant or the attorney can provide the necessary help for consultation and paper work.

Phase 5:

Arrange for a vehicle large enough to hold and transport the mobile equipments.

Phase 6:

Apply for sufficient financing through a bank or a reputed financial institution.

Phase 7:

Procure all the necessary local business permits, safety and environmental inspections ( where applicable) and other related certificate(s).

Phase 8:

Make the purchases. You can always opt the eCommerce option to make things easy.

Phase 9:

Get the right insurance for the business and the people associated with it.

Initially, one can also go for a franchise to get a feel of the show.

Also, mobile or hand wash requires quite a degree of stamina and physical fitness. You must ensure that the team is up to the task.

A vehicle represents the ones living standard. Hence, the owner would always want to keep it clean and shiny and would be more than willing to pay a handsome amount for quality service.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

How to start your Community Catering business

Know how to start your own community catering business. Guide for you

At present India is witnessing a surge in demand for quality catering services. Thanks to the growth of corporate India, caterers are offering their services to a large number of factories, shopping malls, IT Parks,corporate offices, hospitals, schools and many more places where people are in timely availability of mouthwatering food. With the development of the corporate sector, catering is no longer a seasonal business dependent on marriages and social functions.
Permissions and License Required
Before you start the business you have to get a food business operator license from Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)which governs the operations of catering businesses. Every stage of food production and supply has to be according to the stringent rules laid by FSSAI. You have to obtain the license bysubmitting all required documents as mentioned in the application. The FSSAI license for this purpose is granted by the State Government; therefore, the completed application together with the documents should be submitted to the local FSSAI office. It is also important to get the tax registration done, not only because it is mandatory but also because it will allow you to access several benefits. Since, the rules and regulations involved are pretty detailed and complex, it is better to hire a competent legal practitioner to help you cover the process correctly and avoid any fines or legal complications due to non-compliance.
Knowledge and training required
As such there is no need for particular training to start a community catering business, but extensive knowledge of food will only help you to fare well in the business. Over the years the people of India have acquired taste for wide variety of international cuisines and have become more sophisticated. People are expecting a lot more from their caterers than just food. If you have some kind of training related to food and hospitality business, you can easily leave your rivals behind and grow at a much faster pace.
In this business the equipment used depends on the type of catering and the number of heads to be serviced. Since, the conditions usually vary; most caterers prefer to rent equipment. If the cooking has to be done at the client’s place, the need for storage equipment is eliminated. In such situations the job can be easily completed with good set of knives and some specialty equipment like cake decorating tools, etc. If the cooking has to be done for a large party in a commercial kitchen you would be required to rent almost all the equipment because your cooking hands will also be more. You may need to rent oven, pans, refrigeration equipment, mixers and everything else to complete the work properly. It is better to buy some equipment and keep handy. In case you want to be a full service catering business, you would require plates, dishes, glasses, cutlery, table decorations, etc. You can buy or rent all these and pass on the cost to the client.

Investment and break up
Nowadays many expert cooks and bakers are starting catering business from their homes. Initially they are offering service small to medium parties, piling up funds and then expanding to bigger projects. However, some investment remains even if you start it small scale. Most of the investment goes to buying or renting equipment and commercial kitchen, employing extra hands and transportation.
Profit feasibility
Though it is difficult to spell out a figure unless a clear cut plan is chalked out and other factors such as market conditions, etc., taken into account, a full service catering business can earn up to 40% profit after a period of time when the entrepreneur has earned considerable reputation and goodwill.
After you have drawn a business model that is convincing of profit earnings, you can approach a bank with completed documents and your credentials. If your project appeals to them you will be able to avail a loan to turn your dreams into reality. There are several nationalized banks dedicated to encourage entrepreurship in the country.
For more information you can visit:
 Places to procure the equipment and cooking material
You can find a list of catering equipment suppliers and sellers in your city at indiamart.com, tradeindia.com, justdial.com. You can contact multiple suppliers to get best rates and negotiate terms. Vegetables, fruits, spices and other cooking stuff can be availed from wholesale markets which are present in every city.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

How to start a rural consulting business

Looking to start rural consulting business. 

It takes more than some organizational skills and a business card to come up with a rural consulting business. It requires proficiency in skills like time management, accounting, etc. and the path has more than just a few hurdles.

However, this is an excellent career for those who are looking to do something different, want most job flexibility and, at the same time, make some money. 

What exactly you are supposed to do as rural business consultant. 

The bottom line is to help rural entrepreneur to grow their business. 

Discussed below are a few important aspects:

First things first - a gut check:

Even before taking the first step, you need to have a clear understanding of the following:

The skills you intend to consult with

Finalizing the skills is a key factor else you won't be alto step into the market. There are a wide variety of skill niches and there's always high demand for those which either are time taking to train staffs or don't have adequate skilled resource.

Can you handle basic accounting?

This is necessary to keep a tab on and track work time, document project work and monitor client billing and expense(s).

Are you ok doing your own marketing?

Marketing is essential to get clients and exposure. To make things cost effective, it is always a good idea to do it on own initially.

Are you ok with working for long hours?

Once the above are decided, you must seriously consider the time you are willing to devote.

Initially, it might be a part-time model meaning you might be required to handle both your full time job and this.

Next, for smooth execution and running, you should be ready with the following:

  • A dedicated phone number for business purpose only with an auto answer service.
  • A mobile phone with voice mail service.
  • A good printer.
  • All necessary business licence(s).
  • Omission(s) and error(s) insurance (if available).
  • Letterhead and invoice.
  • A business email ID.
  • A web page for the business.
  • Business cards with contact information.
  • A brochure outlining the skills and the focus area.

Given below is a business idea suitable for small towns and rural areas of India:

  • handicraft 
  • terracotta products
  • home decor
  • organic products 

Important checklist(s):
  • Any problem or issues related to the prospects that need to be addressed.
  • Any weekly marketing meeting or calls.
  • The status of the current cash flow and its trend in the coming four weeks.
  • Deliverable to be made shortly.

In India, with the environment getting more and more conducive for start up companies in the last few years, many professionals have left their cushioned jobs to initiate on their own, especially consultancy.

Even in case of women, they have found consulting a good avenue that might be required to quit their regular job due to maternity reasons.